• 30 DEC 13


    Audit tracks who booked, invoiced, cancelled, modified or deleted information.

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  • Appointment Booking
    With the AndX Scheduler module, booking appointments is easy. An easy search and get instant, detailed information even before creating the appointment.

  • Prescriber
    Allow Doctors to write prescriptions and renewals in a second and automatically detects harmful drug to drug interaction which will lower risks of errors while processing prescriptions.

  • Audit
    Track who booked, invoiced, cancelled, modified or deleted information instantly.

  • Private Billing
    Our private billing module allows you to better manage your clinic.

  • EMR
    An electronic medical record is an evolving concept defined as a systematic collection of electronic health information about individual patients or populations.

  • AndX Xclaim
    Is a software-based billing system that allows Quebec doctors to submit claims to the RAMQ securely via the Internet.

  • System for Placement Agencies
    Provide personal / employees (i.e. nurse) to clients (i.e. Nursing home) for short or long term assignments.